11th Grade English


Instructor: Mrs. Belanger

Location: Room 325



Essential Questions for the Year What is the point of reading and writing?What techniques do writers use to communicate ideas and create change?

How have changes in digital and media literacy changed the way we read, write, communicate, and create change?




Unit Themes and Goals

September – October Humor and Society

  • Explore what makes things funny and how humor can be used to create social change
November- December Digital Literacy and Vocabulary

  • Become a more critical consumer and producer of technology and media
  • Improve vocabulary skills to help with SAT prep and beyond
January- March Literary Analysis

  • Read Kindred by Octavia Butler and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald along with other shorter works
  • Learn how to “read like a writer”
April – June Research Project

  • Create a project around your areas of interest
  • Build the research skills required for the senior project


Our Class website: All of the work that we do in this class will be posted on the website  You will be able to see daily agendas for class, assignments sheets for projects, and other important information on this website.  Make sure to check it daily, and bookmark it on your phone and/or computer or other devices.

Your Very Own WordPress Site: Each of you will be creating your very own WordPress site, just like this one, where you will post all of your assignments for the year.  From brief prompt responses to longer papers and media projects, your work will all be in one place, and by June, you’ll have a very impressive online portfolio for your time to show in this class!

Other Websites and Applications: Over the course of the year, you may need to create accounts on Pinterest, Padlet, Popplet, Animoto, Canva, Storify, and other websites or applications in order to complete assignments.  When you create these accounts, please make sure that you keep your username and password in a safe place because I will not be able to retrieve those for you!

Homework: You will have homework almost every day.  I will not accept late homework assignments.  Missing homework means missing out on valuable practice, and will hurt your grade.

Honors: There will be honors options during each unit throughout the year.  Most large assignments, tests, and quizzes will have honors sections or options.

Missed Homework/ Classwork: If you are absent, you are responsible for collecting any missed homework or other assignments from the class website.  I will accept missed assignments the day after you return.In order to collect missed work or notes, first reach out to your peers.

Project Deadlines: If you miss a major project or assignment deadline, you will be assigned to mandatory Humanities tutoring and Saturday School for that week.  You will be allowed to submit the assignment the following Monday, with a lower Habits of a Learner grade.

Late projects will not be accepted without mandatory attendance to Humanities tutoring and Saturday School.

Grading: This is the same as in all of your classes last year, (standards-based, on a scale of 1-4).  Your grade is based on your ability to show me that you can achieve the Humanities standards on tests, quizzes, in-class assignments, projects, and homework.  But…


Academic Honesty: “Academic dishonesty” includes but is not limited to: copying another student’s work, using work from another source (book, internet, etc) without citing the source, and generally taking credit for work that is not your own. Students willingly aiding others to accomplishing the above indiscretions are also considered academically dishonest.

Consequences for this include:

  • receiving a zero on the assignment or making up the assignment with the maximum

proficiency grade of a 2 (at the staff’s discretion)

  • writing an essay on plagiarism
  • attendance at Saturday School

School Policies: Students who are late or out of uniform will receive Time for Time.

Students who are seen using phones will be required to hand the phone over the a staff member and pick it up at the office at the end of the day.  If phones are necessary for a certain assignments, students must be using the phones only to complete the

Respect for Class Time: You are expected to come into class prepared and ready to learn. This includes bringing any assignments, texts, your binder, and something to write with. It is advisable to bring a sweatshirt and water bottle with you so you are comfortable and hydrated.

Respect Each Other: At all times, treat one another with respect.  When one of your classmates is sharing, please make sure you are listening and supporting that classmate.

Respect Me: There will be many opportunities for you to work together in small groups or pairs.  When we need to have whole group instruction, please respect the hand signal for silence.  I’m here for you, so don’t forget that!

I’ll Respect You: You are all smart, capable people, and I will respect your strengths, differences, and preferences.  I don’t ever want to disrespect you; I repeat: I am here for YOU, my dear students!

We’ll All Respect the Space We Share: Most of the time we will be in Mr. Woodward’s classroom for class, and sometimes we will be in the computer lab or library or other location.  Wherever we are, we must all make sure to leave the space as we found it, taking any and all papers with us when we leave, picking up anything on the floor, and leaving the desks as we found them.

If you need to use the bathroom, go to the nurse, or leave the room for any other reason, please wait for an appropriate time to ask- usually during independent work time, not during group instruction.

If you are leaving the room, you must always ask a staff member and take a pass.

Above all else, please remember that I am your teacher and my number one objective is your success.  You are a student and your number one objective should be your success.  Together, we’re going to make sure that success happens for you.




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