Friday, 1/16/15

Here’s how I feel today:


I wrote you each a goodbye letter, so I will give those to you today during class.  Other things we will be doing:

  • Eating muffins!
  • Writing/drawing on the big kraft paper with markers
  • Making paper bags for each person (write your name on your bag and design it)
  • Writing at least three classmates a sweet note to put in their bags
  • Watching a slideshow of Cuffee pictures
  • Watching some videos we’ve made, like last year’s advisory music video, your awesome project videos, etc.
  • Hugging!
  • Remembering that this does not mean that we can’t still keep in touch– please email me at on the days you signed up for (and whenever you want!), and please ask me for recommendation letters next year if you’d like to!

Here’s the email schedule for the remainder of the year:


When it’s your Friday to write, please send me an email about what went on in the class that week ( – don’t forget!), and what went on in your life, and whatever else you want to tell me.  I’ll write back over the weekend, and you can read part or all of my response to the class on Monday if you’d like.  (Ms. Slaiger said this would be ok!)

You’re all amazing people, and I’m going to miss you more than  you could ever know.

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