Tuesday, 1/6/14



I am so heartbroken about the news that I shared with you yesterday.  I really love you guys, and I feel terrible about leaving before the year is over.  I can understand if you’re mad about this, and I will gladly talk more with any of you if you’d like to; I’ll be in the library after school today and tomorrow.  In the meantime, we do have a book to read, so we must forge forth with our work!

Today, that work will include:

  • Working with a partner to create a summary for the 8 pages that you are assigned to (see the partner and page assignments below)
  • Creating a 30-90 second Flipgrid video of your summary (Click here for the Flipgrid link: flipgrid.com/#912b1a34)
  • Completing any website posts from your summer homework that you did not finish
  • Going over the letter calendar

Partners and Pages:
Since you guys did such a great job with your SAT word assignments, you will have the same partner that you worked with during that time, for the most part.

  • Kendra and Gilian: pages 12-19
  • Christian and Bryan: pages 19-26
  • Alex and Briana: pages 27-37
  • Jailene and Claudia: pages 38-45
  • Jonathan and Jason: pages 45-51
  • Maria and Lizmarie: pages 52-65
  • Erick and Gualter: pages 65-74
  • Yunior and Kris: pages 75-81
  • Diamond and Ashlei: pages 81-91
  • Johnny and Jose: pages92-101
  • Romy and Jaaron: pages 102-107

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