Monday, 1/5/15

It’s 2015, party people!

new year

I hope you all had a wonderful break, and I hope you’re ready to dive back into work!  To transition out of vacation time, we’re going to start with a sharing activity.  Our plan for the day is as follows:

  • Think Pair Share about vacations
  • Turn in your break homework
  • Get your quizzes back
  • Get your books!  (Wahoo!)
  • Take a brief quiz on the reading from break
  • Create timeline for book so far
  • Letter writing exercise
  • Calendar for weekly letters

I have this to say about those of you who have not completed the winter break homework:

lion gazelle

You’re in your junior year of high school and most of you are planning to apply to colleges next year.  In order to be accepted, you’re going to need to be running, and in this instance, running means doing your homework!

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