Thursday, 12/4/14

Let’s go low tech for a change!


It’s been a blast to go through all your website posts, but today you’re going to be using some good old fashioned paper and scissors to make a book that we’ll use for our pre-reading work.

A video for how to make this book is here:

Once you’ve made your book and it looks nice and pretty, you’ll be numbering the pages with small numbers on the outside bottom of each page and filling it in as follows:

  • Cover: The cover of your book should say: Pre-reading for Kindred, by Octavia Butler and your name.
  • Page 1: For the first page on the left when you open it up, write “Meet the author” and then write what you remember about the biography we read and interview we watched yesterday.  You can use the hard copy of the biography to do this.
  • Page 2: Make a prediction about the book, knowing what you know about the plot, as I explained it yesterday.

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