Tuesday, 12/2/14

Time to type!


I have your reflections from yesterday, and you have time today to type them in the computer lab.  You will need to:

  1. Sign into your WordPress website
  2. Click on your 12th post, the digital literacy final product
  3. Print the page out
  4. Create a new post with the title, “Digital Literacy Project Reflection”
  5. Type your reflection
  6. Publish it
  7. Print it out
  8. Paperclip everything together in the following order
    1. Cover page (make sure the standards are written in the box)
    2. Project post
    3. Reflection
  9. Check your website to make sure that all 12 posts are published, since I told you I’d be starting to tally up and finalize tonight!
  10. For extra credit, look up our book (Kindred) and/or author (Octavia Butler) and leave a comment on this post with one piece of information that you find, along with the link to the source where you found it.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday, 12/2/14

  1. Octavia Estelle Butler was born on June 22, 1947, in Pasadena, California. Her father, a shoeshiner, died when Butler was an infant. Butler’s mother, Octavia, and grandmother raised her. From an early age, Butler watched her mother work to keep the family afloat and heard her grandmother’s tales of suffering and misery.


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