Friday, 12/19/14

Time to skate!


For homework over winter break, you have the last few pages of the chapter “The Fire” to read, as well as all of the chapter entitled “The Fall.”  Please use the provided sheet to summarize, connect, and create as you read.  If you need to check them online, they are pasted below as well.

Have a FUN and SAFE vacation!


What’s a winter break without some work to do, right?!  As you read the rest of the chapter entitled “The Fire” and all of “The Fall” in Octavia Butler’s Kindred, you will need to keep some type of documentation to show me that you have read, understood, and connected to the text.

To earn a 3 on this assignment, you will need to answer all of the short answer questions and choose one of the prompts on the back to create one post on your website.  You may choose to go for honors by creating two posts on your website OR by watching one of the other time travel movies from our class website (Kate and Leopold, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Midnight in Paris) and completing the comparison/contrast worksheet from when we watched Back to the Future.

  1. How does the language that Rufus uses to describe people of color affect Dana and Kevin?  Give examples.
  1. How are Dana and Kevin experiencing the time and place of a plantation during the antebellum South differently, and why?
  1. Describe how Dana’s relationships with Rufus, Kevin, Tom, Margaret, Nigel and Sarah develop over the course of this chapter.
  1. Do you think Dana is being brave or foolish by teaching Nigel how to read?  What would you do in her situation?
  2. Have you ever been in a situation where the rules and norms seem very different than what you’re used to?  How did you adapt?
  1. In both Kindred and Back to the Future, the main character has to ensure his/her existence by rescuing or otherwise manipulating ancestors in the past.  How is the tone different in the two texts (ie. serious, funny, dramatic, etc.)?


Website Post Prompts: Choose one in order to earn a 3.  For honors credit, choose two OR watch one of the other time travel movies from our class website (Kate and Leopold, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Midnight in Paris) and complete the comparison/contrast worksheet from when we watched Back to the Future.

  1. 1.Put yourself in the shoes of one of the characters and write a post on your website describing the events in this chapter from that person’s perspective.
  2. Think back to what we learned about Octavia Butler.  (Or better yet, look back at it.)  What about her life do you think may have influenced her writing, and how?
  3. Read about the movement to use the term “enslaved people” instead of “slave.”  How does the language we use to describe people demonstrate our opinions of them?
  4. What did you learn about the antebellum South by reading this chapter?
  5. During first trimester, we looked at how humor can allow an audience to see facts from a different point of view than traditional reporting might.  How might information from this chapter be made into humorous material?

Thursday, 12/18/14

Today we will finish watching Back to the Future, using the provided worksheets to make important connections to Kindred.


If you won’t be here tomorrow for the fun and exciting roller skating field trip, make sure you get a copy of the next chapter, since our books are supposed to be in tomorrow!

Wednesday, 12/17/14

Let’s do some connecting!

back to the future

In Kindred, by Octavia Butler, Dana must travel back in time to save her ancestor Rufus in order to ensure her own existence.  In the movie Back to the Future, Marty McFly travels to the past and has to make sure his parents get together in order to ensure his own existence.  As you watch Back to the Future, use the sheet provided to make connections between the two.

Monday, 12/15/14

Quiz Day!

quiz baby

You are all going to do great on this quiz, from the first 40 pages of Kindred.  I also have some choices to offer you for your winter break homework.  (Note: none of the choices include not having any.)

Our plan for the day is:

  1. Brief review
  2. Quiz
  3. Vote
  4. Read

Thursday, 12/11/14

Let’s keep up the good thinking!


Your thought bubble graphic organizers from the two reading days this week have been really fun to look through.  Today, we’re going to pick up where we left off on page 27 and read through the quote that you had for your pre-reading mini books on page 36.  Fill those bubbles in with questions, takeaways, ideas, and words you learn while reading.

Good luck with parent/teacher/student conferences tomorrow!

Wednesday, 12/10/14

Just like Drake says to Nicki: I’m so, I’m so, I’m so, I’m so, I’m so proud of you.

drake and nicki

Your attention and work from the first section of Kindred have been excellent, and today is your chance to do some writing on your website about what we’ve read so far.  You have many choices for this assignment, so follow the steps below once we get to the computer lab, and select one prompt to respond to, OR, if you are feeling honors-y today, select two!

  1. Sign into your WordPress websites.
  2. Create a new post and title it, “Kindred Reflection: Prologue, The River, and The Fire.”
  3. Select one of the prompts listed below, paste it into your post, and respond to it.
  4. Choose a picture to go along with your reflection and add it to your post.
  5. If you finish early, you may choose to select a second prompt for honors credit and complete steps 3 and 4 for that prompt as well, in the same post.

Prompt Options:

  • Pretend you are Kevin.  Write about what happened in your new apartment when you and Dana were shelving books.  Include what you saw, what she said happened, how you feel about it, and what you think might happen next.
  • Pretend you are Rufus.  Write about what has happened so far, including your memories from when you were four or five years old, drowning in the river, and your thoughts and questions about Dana’s current “visit” when you were lighting the draperies on fire.  You may want to include details about your relationship with your father and mother in your response.
  • Pretend you are Rufus’s mother.  Describe what happened at the river, including what you were doing, what you saw, and what you think about it.
  • Pretend you are Dana.  Describe what has happened to you so far, including what questions you have and what guesses you’ve made about what is going on.  Include your reactions to things Rufus, Rufus’s parents, and Kevin have said and done.
  • Choose five new words you’ve learned so far in this book and write a summary of what has happened, correctly using all five words in context.
  • Write the next scene of the book.  Knowing what you know about what calls Dana to the past, and what brings her back to the present, create a scene in which Rufus needs Dana’s help, and include dialogue between the two of them (and other characters if you’d like) that advances the plot forward in some way.