Monday, 11/24/14


After almost a full week of working on your final project, today is your last day before they’re due. Some of you are presenting TED Talks to the class tomorrow for honors credit, and the rest of you are just doing a post. Either way, all of you have the following things to do today:

  1. Sign into your WordPress site.
  2. Create a new post.
  3. You can make your own title for this project, or you can use, “Digital Literacy Final Project.”
  4. Write a post that gives information about the topic you chose, from two separate sources, and your own viewpoint on the topic.
  5. Create your digital presentation aid, using Canva, Flipgrid, Animoto, or text-to-speech avatars.
  6. Embed your digital presentation aid into your post.
  7. Publish it!
  8. Practice your TED talk, if you’re going for honors.

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