Friday, 11/21/14

The plan for today is to practice your speech and/or review your script in small groups!


I can hear some of you panicking: “How can I practice?  I’m not finished drafting!”  No need to panic, friends.  Simply finish your draft.  And don’t forget to include 5 of our 48 SAT vocabulary words in your post/talk.  You’ll have a handout, but they are listed below as well.

abbreviate– shorten
amicable– agreeable
anachronistic- out-of-date
anonymous– nameless
antagonist– opponent
arid- extremely dry
– sanctuary
benevolent– friendly, helpful
camaraderie– trust among friends
clairvoyant- able to see the future
to come together
compromise– to settle differences
conformist– follower of customs
congregation– a crowd of people
deleterious- harmful
rabble-rousing leader
– dishonor, disgrace
divergent– variant, moving apart
empathy- sharing of feelings
emulate– to follow an example
enhance– to improve
fortuitous- lucky
frugal– thrifty
haughty– arrogant, condescending
– theory requiring proof
inevitable- unavoidable, certain
integrity– honesty, decency
intrepid- fearless, adventurous
jubilation- joy, exultation
longevity– long life
novice– beginner
opulent- wealthy
perfidious– disloyal
procrastinate– to delay unnecessarily
prosperity- wealth, success
querulous– irritable
rancorous– hateful or bitter
resilient– quick to recover
restrained- controlled, restricted
profound respect
sagacity– wisdom
spurious- phony, false
surreptitious– secret, stealthy
submissive- meek
more than enough
transient- temporary, fleeting
to clear from blame

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