Monday, 11/17/14

Do you know this man?


You will after today!  Here’s our plan for this class:

  1. Get your SAT Vocabulary Quiz #4 back.
  2. Read about who Jamie Oliver is.
  3. Watch his TED Talk on teaching children about food.
  4. Use the transcript to follow along, underlining the parts that seem important to you, AND marking in the margins when you notice him using an effective presentation tool, like changing the volume or speed of his voice, making use of movement, or showing powerful images.
  5. Share out on the important parts of the TED Talk that resonated with you and why, as well as the presentation tools you noticed him using, in a Socratic Seminar.
  6. HW: Draft your Cool Tool Review post.

And our plan for the week:

  • Monday: See above!
  • Tuesday: Cool Tool Review in the library
  • Wednesday: Establish a topic for your post and/or TED Talk (for honors), decide on a presentation tool, and begin collecting research in the library, while we do the first half of one-on-one meetings
  • Thursday: Draft your post/speech while we do the second half of one-on-one meetings (Note: you will need to use at least five SAT words from the 48 we studied in the past four weeks)
  • Friday: Practice your speech and/or review your script in small groups
  • Next Monday: Create your presentation tool in the library
  • Next Tuesday: Present!
  • Note: Next Wednesday is the last day of the trimester!

Jamie Oliver’s TED Talk on teaching children about food:


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