Friday, 11/14/14

It’s Fourth and Final SAT Word Quiz Friday!

fridaySince your adorable lip switch videos do not want to get off of my phone and onto this website, we will have to study the good old fashioned way, friends!  Here’s our plan for the day:

  1. Review all 12 words together
  2. Study quietly for 2-5 minutes
  3. Take the quiz!
  4. Reflect on the tools we learned about and/or played with in the digital literacy unit so far: Flipgrid, Canva, Animoto, and text-to-speech tools
  5. Reflect on the Thought of the Week from Wednesday
  6. Pretend you’re a teacher and fill out the college student evaluation form for yourself- how would you rate yourself in all categories?

Your words:

  • Kendra and Gilian: inevitable– unavoidable, certain
  • Christian and Bryan: transient– temporary, fleeting
  • Alex and Briana: restrained– controlled, restricted
  • Jailene and Claudia: superfluous– more than enough
  • Adrian and Jason: prosperity– wealth, success
  • Erick and Gualter: intrepid– fearless, adventurous
  • Yunior and Kris: jubilation– joy, exultation
  • Natalia and Ashlei: clairvoyant– able to see the future
  • Johnny and Jose: demagogue– rabble-rousing leader
  • Maria and Lizmarie: vindicate– to clear from blame
  • Diamond and Jonathan: reverence– profound respect
  • Romy and Jaaron: spurious– phony, false

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