Thursday, 11/13/14

Always on our toes!


Well, friends, we are always on our toes, and because the lack of internet prevented us from doing text-to-speech avatar work today, we got to play a fun game of Lip Switch, a la Jimmy Fallon.

Revised agenda for the day:

  1. Discuss text-to-speech avatars and their benefits for school.
  2. Describe Jimmy Fallon’s lip switch concept.
  3. Take 15-20 minutes with your partner to practice doing a lip switch for your SAT Vocabulary Word #4, including definition and sentence (one person reads, behind the screen, while the other mouths the words in front of the screen)
  4. Show us your lip switch!
  5. Study the words for the quiz tomorrow!

Please see an example:

<div itemprop=”video” itemscope itemtype=””&gt;</div>

Your words:

  • Kendra and Gilian: inevitable
  • Christian and Bryan: transient
  • Alex and Briana: restrained
  • Jailene and Claudia: superfluous
  • Adrian and Jason: prosperity
  • Erick and Gualter: intrepid
  • Yunior and Kris: jubilation
  • Natalia and Ashlei: clairvoyant
  • Johnny and Jose: demagogue
  • Maria and Lizmarie: vindicate
  • Diamond and Jonathan: reverence 
  • Romy and Jaaron: spurious

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