Wednesday, 11/12/14

It’s time to talk about:


I have to be at a RIDE ELL Directors’ meeting today, so we’re just going to switch the plan for Wednesday with the Thursday plan, because I need to be there when you make your avatars for text-to-speech videos of your word, definition and sentence.  The short version of what you are doing is numbered below, and any additional information you may need is below that.

Today, you will:

  1. Silently read one of two texts, shared with you digitally on Monday and in hard copy today. (10-15 minutes)
  2. Highlight or underline a line or passage that you think is the most important idea discussed in the article.  (Choose 1 or 2 backups in case someone else in your group has the same one.)
  3. Get in small groups outlined below.
  4. Use the Save the Last Word for Me protocol to discuss the line or passage you highlighted. (30 minutes)
  5. If there is time at the end, I’d like to read what you have to say about this morning’s thought of the week.

Two texts:

On Monday, I assigned everyone one of two texts to read:

Those assignments are listed below:


Don’t forget to highlight or underline a line or passage that you think is the most important idea discussed in the article!  (Choose 1 or 2 backups in case someone else in your group has the same one.)


Of those two readings, your groups of four are as follows:

Reading Is Google Making Us Stupid?

  • Group 1: Christian, Gilian, Jose and Alex
  • Group 2: Natalia, Kendra, Johnny and Adrian
  • Group 3: Jonathan, Lizmarie, Maria and Bryan

Reading Get Smarter

  • Group 4: Jaaron, Jailene, Diamond and Kris
  • Group 5: Jason, Yunior, Erick and Briana
  • Group 6: Ashlei, Claudia, Gualter and Romy


You are each receiving a copy of the Save the Last Word for Me protocol, which should take 30 minutes in groups of 4.  The main stuff is pasted below:

  1. When the group is ready, a volunteer member identifies the part of the article that s/he found to be most significant and reads it out loud to the group. This person (the presenter) says nothing about why s/he chose that particular passage.
  2. The group should pause for a moment to consider the passage before moving to the next step.
  3. The other 3 participants each have 1 minute to respond to the passage — saying what it makes them think about, what questions it raises for them, etc.
  4. The first participant then has 3 minutes to state why s/he chose that part of the article and to respond to — or build on — what s/he heard from his/her colleagues.
  5. The same pattern is followed until all four members of the group have had a chance to be the presenter and to have “the last word.”

Thought of the Week Reflection:

If there is time, I’d love to read your thoughts on this morning’s Thought of the Week.  I’m proud of Mr. Santos, Gio, Ashley, and the other two students who shared, and I’d like to read your reflections on their words.  Please use a lined sheet of paper to do this.  Just as we did in response to the TED Talks we’ve watched, you can share what resonated most with you, and/or a text-to-text, text-to-self, or text-to-world connection.


Tomorrow we’ll be in the computer lab, using text-to-speech avatars to share your SAT vocabulary word #4, definition and sentence with the class.


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