Wednesday, 11/5/14

Happy Wednesday!  We have a new mayor!


If I had to guess, I would bet that Jorge Elorza would want you to do an excellent job on today’s assignment.  If you want to  learn more about him, make sure to check out his website.

Our plan for today in the library computer lab:

  1. Go to our class website to see the plan for the day.
  2. Watch the video tutorial that we didn’t get to on Monday (below).
  3. Look at the SAT Vocabulary Word #3 Planning Sheet that you and your partner completed on Monday to review the five or more images you planned to find today to illustrate your word.
  4. Use Creative Commons or Google Image to find the pictures you want, and download them.
  5. Right click to open this link to Animoto in a new tab:
  6. Make an account for yourself. (Write down your password!)
  7. Choose a style.
  8. Upload the images you selected.
  9. Type out your word and definition.
  10. Select the music you want.
  11. Organize your images and publish your video.
  12. Post your video to your website, using the title, “SAT Vocabulary Word #3.”
  13. Study at home by watching the videos for everyone’s words.  (I will post them to this website once I pull them all from your websites!)

You can also use the instructions from Animoto’s website for how to create a video:

Animoto tutorial:

Your Animoto Videos:

Kendra and Gilian: perfidious- disloyal

Christian and Bryan: integrity- honesty, decency

Alex and Briana: procrastinate- to delay unnecessarily

Jailene and Claudia: longevity- long life

Adrian and Jason: submissive- meek

Erick and Gualter: diligent- hard-working

[Please post your video to your website so I can add it!]

Yunior and Kris: resilient- quick to recover

Natalia and Ashlei: querulous- irritable

[Please post your video to your website so I can add it!]

Johnny and Jose: deleterious- harmful

Maria and Lizmarie: empathy- sharing of feelings

Diamond and Jonathan: arid- extremely dry

[Please post your video to your website so I can add it!]

Romy and Jaaron: surreptitious- secret, stealthy


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