Wednesday 10/29/14

Today it’s time to create images for your SAT Vocabulary Word #2 with your partner, using Canva, a graphic design tool.


Our schedule for the day is in short form here, with more details below:

  1. Get your SAT Vocabulary Word #1 quizzes back. (Over half of the class got a 100, which is amazing!)
  2. Review your SAT Vocabulary Word #2 Planning Sheet from Monday.
  3. Watch an overview video of Canva (below).
  4. Go to
  5. Create an account (write down your password!)
  6. Using the “Presentation” layout, write your word and its definition, and design an image that represents your word.
  7. Note: Play around with fonts, colors, layout and images.  Only choose “free” elements.
  8. Hint: If you want a picture that is not available, use Creative Commons or Google Image to find a picture you want, download it, and then go to “Uploads” in the left margin of Canva and use “Upload your own image” to add the picture to Canva.
  9. If you have not yet embedded your Flipgrid video into your website, post that first, with the title SAT Vocabulary Word #1.
  10. Post your Canva creation to your website, using a link and the image itself, with the title SAT Vocabulary Word #2.
    1. Go to “Download or link” at the top right hand corner of the screen on Canva.
    2. Copy the link that shows.
    3. Paste that into your website post.
    4. Choose “Image” and download the image.
    5. Add that into your post.
  11. Practice presenting your Canva creation; tomorrow you will show it to the whole class on the overhead projector, and you will also provide the sample sentence and the fun way to remember it, from your SAT Vocabulary Word Planning Sheet.  The second quiz is this Friday!


Your week 2 words are:

  • Kendra and Gilian:
  • Christian and Bryan: orator
  • Alex and Briana: enhance
  • Jailene and Claudia: emulate
  • Adrian and Jason: rancorous
  • Erick and Gualter: sagacity
  • Yunior and Kris: congregation
  • Natalia and Ashlei: haughty
  • Johnny and Jose: [Choose a new one because camaraderie was actually already done!]
  • Maria and Lizmarie: 
  • Diamond and Jonathan: collaborate
  • Romy and Jaaron: hypothesis

You can use your SAT Vocabulary Word Planning Sheet for the definition, or the index cards you made last week, or the document I printed out for you.  To see a full schedule of all partners’ words by week, scroll to the bottom.  The empty boxes need to be decided by the end of class.

Overview video:


Don’t stress; Canva has been given a Webby award for being “the easiest to use design program in the world.”

  1. PC: To take a screen shot and save it as a picture. Click the window you want to capture. Press Alt+Print Screen by holding down the Alt key and then pressing the Print Screen key. The Print Screen key is near the upper-right corner of your keyboard.
  2. Mac: To get a picture of just a portion of your screen, hit Command-Shift-4 on your keyboard. Your mouse cursor will change to crosshairs, and then just click and drag across any portion of the screen you want to capture. Again, the screenshot will be saved to your Desktop in the default file format.


Partners Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Erick and Gualter novice sagacity diligent intrepid
Claudia and Jailene conformist emulate opulent superfluous
Kendra and Gilian divergent
Lizmarie and Maria camaraderie
Briana and ALex compromise enhance procrastinate restrained
Ashlei and Natalia benevolent haughty querulous vindicate
Jose and Johnny amicable deleterious demagogue
Romy and Jaaron discredit hypothesis surreptitious spurious
Adrian and Jason asylum rancorous submissive prosperity
Bryan and Christian anachronistic orator frugal
Kris and Yunior antagonist congregation fortuitous jubilation
Diamond and Jonathan anonymous collaborate arid empathy

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