Tuesday, 10/28/14

It’s Movie Day!


I’m very excited about our field trip to Providence Place Mall to see Dear White People today!  The brilliant and wonderful Ms. Thoma has designed a Discussion and Activity Guide that all groups will be using today.  The schedule is:

  1. Identity: who are you?  How does the world see you?
  2. How to have a courageous conversation
  3. Movie
  4. Lunch
  5. Writing
  6. “Me Too” Activity
  7. Discussion
  8. Artifacts

In the Activity Guide, Ms. Thoma wrote:

This movie has a lot of funny and serious moments.  It has a lot of moments that will be relatable, but it also has a lot of moments that are uncomfortable.  When we come back and have our discussions, they will also be filled with humor, seriousness, personal connection, and maybe even discomfort. The goal of the morning session is to introduce you to some of the major themes for the movie and to prepare you with guidelines to help in your viewing and discussion of the movie.

The internet is abuzz with feedback about Dear White People.  Feel free to read up on some of what’s out there…

Salon published an article TODAY called 5 Reasons Everyone Needs to See Dear White People.

Think Progress offers some criticisms in The Kind of Racism That Dear White People Overlooks.

And you all have intelligent, informed things to say too, so feel free to post about it on your own websites, in response to one of these articles or just based on your own takeaways from the movie.


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