Friday, 10/24/14

It’s Quiz Day!


It’s a short period today, but your to-do list is:

  1. Do some last minute studying by watching the Flipgrid videos one more time and looking over the definitions in your handout.
  2. Take the quiz.
  3. Ace the quiz.
  4. Turn the quiz in.
  5. Go over the next two class days: STAR testing and a field trip!  Talk about highs and lows!


Before the quiz is passed out and you totally ace it, first take a moment to do some last minute studying.  Watch the Flipgrid videos one more time.  You all did an awesome job on them!

The words you will be quizzed on are all in your handout.  By partners, this week’s words are:

Kendra and Gilian: divergent

Christian and Bryan: anachronistic

Alex and Briana: compromise

Jailene and Claudia: conformist

Adrian and Jason: asylum

Erick and Gualter: novice

Yunior and Kris: antagonist

Natalia and Ashlei: benevolent

Johnny and Jose: amicable

Maria and Lizmarie: camaraderie

Diamond and Jonathan: anonymous

Romy and Jaaron: discredit


Take it, ace it, turn it in.


Remember that our next class on Monday will be spent taking the STAR reading test, so please get plenty of sleep Sunday night and eat a hearty, healthy breakfast on Monday morning!

Then, the field trip to see Dear White People is on Tuesday!  Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it:

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