Thursday, 10/23/14

Q: Are you guys ready to use Flipgrid?!


A: It doesn’t matter; that’s what we’re doing!  🙂

Today you are recording a 90-second video with your partner to teach your Week 1 SAT Vocabulary Word to the rest of the class.  The link with all videos will be on the website, so you can watch the 12 review videos at home and study for tomorrow’s quiz.  Please go to the following link to add your video:

When you get there, click on the big green plus sign, fill out your information, take a picture or yourselves, and then begin recording.  Now, I know that many of you are not shy because you take 10,000 selfies a day and post them all over the world.  However, if you are feeling camera shy today for some reason, remember that I wrote on yesterday’s post that you could design or print out an image to hold up and point the camera at while you speak.  The videos will only be available to those who have the link; they are not publicly searchable.

You will need to use an iPad or your phone to do this.  If you’re going to use an iPad, you and your partner first need to do a quick demo for me to show me that you know what you’re saying and you’re ready to record.

Please note: On Monday, we will be taking the STAR test in the library.



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