Wednesday, 10/22/14

Class, I have some good news and some bad news.

good bad

Bad news first: I can’t be in class today because the RI Department of Education is holding an ELL Directors’ Meeting that I have to go to.  BUT the good news is that YOU are here!

More good news: You have several fun and exciting tasks to take care of today!

  • Record your working emails on the sheet that will be passed around.
  • Watch a video about Flipgrid, the tool we will be using tomorrow to record your SAT vocabulary words and definitions.
  • Fill out a planning sheet for your Week 1 SAT vocabulary word with your partner so you can record tomorrow.  (If you forgot your word, look below.)
  • Plan how you’re going to do your hair tomorrow, because you’ll be on video.  (If you’re having a bad hair day or you’d rather not appear in the video, you may create or print out an image to show while you record your voice.)

Flipgrid video:

Partners and Words:



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