Tuesday, 10/21/14

Do you know who this guy is?


It’s Socrates!  Doesn’t he look like he’s thinking hard?  He is!  Do you know what he did all the time?  Talked to people!  Just talked to ’em and asked ’em questions and listened to ’em and then asked ’em more questions!  Do you know what a Socratic Seminar is?  Talking and listening and questioning!  That’s why it’s named after him!  Can you tell how excited I am about this?  I can’t stop ending sentences in exclamation points!  It’s a problem!

Anyway, Diamond said I talk too much yesterday and at first I felt sad because I was like, “Hey, I thought Diamond and I had mutual love for each other.”  But then I realized, “Diamond’s just doing Diamond, and maybe I do talk too much.”  But not today, party people.  Today, you talk.

Here’s the plan: You will start by reading or watching texts about digital literacy in groups of 4.  You will take notes on what you read or watch, and then you will participate in two consecutive Socratic Seminars.


Briana, Alex, Ashlei and Natalia are watching this remake of Mary Poppins trailer and taking notes on how editing and media production can change an audience’s views and emotions about content and message:

Jose, Johnny, Romy and Jaaron are reading  this list of 17 topics to teach K-8 about Digital Literacy and taking notes on the five that they think are most important, and how they would teach them to K-8 students.

Erick, Gualter, Claudia and Jailene are reading this article from Jezebel arguing that texting won’t make you a bad writer and summarizing the main points in their notes.

Kendra, Gilian, Lizmarie and Maria are reading this article from CNN about social media and the perils of looking for likes and summarizing the main points in their notes.

Adrian, Jason, Bryan and Christian are watching this video that most of you have already seen at All School Meeting last year (and Jason has actually seen twice because I think I showed it in advisory too) and taking notes on what it suggests about our behaviors with social media:

Kris, Yunior, Diamond and Jonathan are looking at this infographic and taking notes on what digital citizenship, technology literacy, and information literacy are:


Socratic Seminar:

  • Everybody speaks and everybody listens!
  • Take notes on the topic on your index card.
  • Use one or more of your SAT Vocabulary words to earn a 4 for this Socratic Seminar!

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