Monday, 10/20/14

Happy 1st Day of Our Vocabulary + Digital Literacy Unit!

Our two main goals for this unit are:

  1. Understand how to navigate and produce digital and media texts using a variety of digital tools.
  2. Understand and be able to comfortably use the most common SAT vocabulary words.

We will be using the College Board’s Top 100 Common SAT Vocabulary Words List to do this work.  You will have a printed out copy but you can also access the list online here.

Your first task is to pick a partner.  Choose someone who you work well with, because you will be doing this work together for the next four weeks.

Your second task, with your partner, is to choose four words from the top 100 list.  You will be doing one word per week.  You will write these words on index cards with the definitions on the back.

Now, to bridge the humor unit with the digital literacy unit, we will discuss what we think “digital literacy” means, using a video that one of you provided as a comment on the class website as a jumping off point:


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