Friday, 10/17/14

Let us continue on with the end-of-unit catch-up party that occurs simultaneously with the one-on-one meetings.  But first, a question: Why are all these people so bored?

A: Because they were reading website posts that didn’t have pictures.  If you are guilty of publishing any posts that aren’t accompanied by images of some sort, fix that now!

Remember that this is your last chance to catch up on any assignments that you’re missing out of that checklist I gave you yesterday.  The website posts listed in bold are the most important and should be prioritized.  All 7 must be completed by the time the bell rings.  If your 7 posts are already completed, be a pal and help out a classmate, please.

A reminder of the order for one-on-one meetings (Kendra and Princess Briana, you will have to add yourselves on at the end)….


Remember: After this weekend, it’s time for our Digital Literacy + Vocabulary unit. Wahoo!


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