Thursday, 10/16/14

Check out this checklist….


Have you completed all of these assignments? If not, start chipping away while I meet with you all one by one to review your websites so far!


Date Assignment
9/1/14 Summer HW
9/2/14 Student Survey
9/2/14 Class Website Comment
9/4/14 Your Own Website Created (!)
9/4/14 Post 1: Quote
9/8/14 Post 2: Comedy Reflection
9/12/14 HW: Tips and Timeline Q’s
9/15/14 Post 3: Comparing Approaches
9/16/14 Email
9/17/14 Post 4 Planning Sheet
9/19/14 Thoughtful Responses
9/22/14 Comment: Social Issue Link
9/22/14 Post 4: Gender + humor
9/23/14 Reviewing Others’ Posts
9/24/14 Open Letters Packet
9/25/14 Lists Packet
9/29/14 Jigsaw: Humor texts
9/30/14 View/Read, Choose Model Text
10/1/14 Post 5: Model Text Analysis
10/3/14 Humor Product Draft Sheet
10/9/14 Post 6: Humor Product
10/10/14 Post 7: Reflection
10/15/14 Standup Planet Mission

Our one-on-one lineup, courtesy of Natalia and Lizmarie’s teamwork:


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