Tuesday, 10/14/14

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!  Our plan for the day is:

  1. Look at some pictures from The Daily Show Stand-up show
  2. Watch a 2-minute clip about Columbus Day by Hari Kondabolu on W. Kamau Bell’s Totally Biased
  3. Do an overview of the week
  4. Publish and celebrate your awesome work!
  5. Review Saturday night’s event

First of all, big kudos to Princess Briana, Gilian and Jailene for coming out to hang out with me on Saturday night at the Daily Show Writers’ Stand-up Show!




I wanted to show you guys a video clip of Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper, who was one of the comedians at the show (as a special guest!), but after looking through a few, I couldn’t find any that are necessarily great for class, so you’ll have to look him up on your own if you want to see him do his thing!  Briana, Gilian and Jailene will give us a quick overview of the event by the end of class.

Briefly, because I adore Hari Kondabolu and W. Kamau Bell and because it’s relevant to the time of year, we will watch and discuss Hari Kondabolu’s proposal to replace Columbus Day, as presented on W. Kamau Bell’s Totally Biased show in 2012:

If you want to see another segment from Totally Biased on Columbus Day, click here.

Quick overview of the week:

  • Monday: We miss each other deeply.
  • Tuesday: We publish and celebrate our amazing work.
  • Wednesday: You take the PSAT, celebrate Jason’s birthday, and watch Stand-up Planet without me.
  • Thursday + Friday: We have one-on-one meetings in the library to go over your websites so far and to bridge the transition between our humor unit and our digital literacy unit.

In other news, we will spend today publishing and celebrating the work that you’ve produced for your final assignments in the humor unit.  I have your work and will pass it back for your brief presentation.  We will do this in a roundtable setting, so you won’t need to stand in front of the whole class in order to share.  Being funny while addressing an issue that’s important to you is hard work, so we will only be sharing positive feedback with one another today.

Finally, Princess Briana, Gilian and Jailene will give us an overview of the experience on Saturday night.


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