Friday, 10/10/14

“I reflect on my reflection, and I ask myself the question: What’s the right directioooon?”

That was a long winded way of saying: It’s time to reflect!  Using Paul Cuffee’s patented reflection templates, you must reflect on your first portfolio project of the year: your very own humor product addressing the social topic of your choice!

You can use the general portfolio reflection guide provided below or the creative portfolio reflection ideas below that.

General Portfolio Reflection Guide

Along with the piece of work you chose, you will include a reflection. This reflection will include your thoughts about the project and about your work.

Your reflection will have four paragraphs.

Paragraph One

Describe how you’ve grown as a student this year. What topics did you learn about? What skills and abilities do you have now that you did not have before?

Paragraph Two

Describe the assignment like you would to someone who didn’t know anything about the class. What were we studying at that time? What were the requirements of the assignment?

Paragraph Three

Why did you choose this assignment for your portfolio? What do you think you did well? What are you proud of? What does it show about your learning this year?

Paragraph Four

Imagine that you are writing advice to next year’s students. What advice would you give them about this project? What should they be sure to do? What should they avoid?

Creative Reflection Ideas

Choose one of the creative approaches below for describing your experience with this project and this class. The creative reflection should be at least two paragraphs.

  • Use any of the questions or sentence-starters on the back of this page to inspire you to write about how you have grown or what you have learned about yourself or the way your learn over the course of this assignment.
  • Write a letter to yourself about what you learned in the process of working on this project? What have you learned about yourself, about your work habits, about your strengths and what you found challenging? Give yourself some advice or a goal to work on in the next year.
  • Write a letter to a student who is coming into class next year. Describe the portfolio project and offer them suggestions, based on your experience, of what they need to do to succeed at this project.
  • If you were a teacher teaching this assignment, how would you teach it? What do you think went well; what would you keep? V/hat didn’t work for you; what would you change?
  • Imagine a new student has just entered the class and needs to begin the project you just completed. How would you explain the project to the new student? What advice would you give the new student based on your own experience with the project?
  • Write a short biography of yourself this quarter. Include in your biography anything you experienced that had an impact on your work. You might write about your experiences in or out of school. Also include your experiences in this class, bath what you found rewarding and what you found challenging.
  • Choose one word that best describes the project you just completed. Explain why you chose that particular word and how your work on this project relates to that word.
  • Find a quote that reflects your experience with this portfolio project. Use this quote as the main idea for a piece of writing that reflects on the process of developing this project.
  • Write a reflection on your project from someone else’s point-of-view. You might write from the voice of your mother, your teacher, or your best friend. What would they say about your work on this project? What other information about you might they share?
  • Come up with your own creative reflection!

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