Wednesday, 10/8/14

Today, we type!


Today and tomorrow are production days, so most of you will be typing today, but some of you will be filming.  If you are typing, please remember that you will be composing your final products in Microsoft Word and then transferring them to your websites.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. On four separate lines, type the MLA format heading, YMCD:
    Your Name
    My Name
  3. Press enter once
  4. Center align your title in Title Case (capitalize the first letter of all words except a, the, and prepositions that are fewer than 5 letters , ie. in, on, from, by, etc.), but do not use bold, italics, or a different size font.
  5. Press enter again
  6. Left align your first paragraph
  7. If you are writing a letter, you should use the first line to address your audience, then use a colon and then go down to the next line.

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