Wednesday, 10/1/14

It’s October!  As our first order of business for the new month, we’ll be publishing our fifth post on our websites!  Wahoo!


Follow the directions below to create your post.

  1. Go to your WordPress website.
  2. Choose “New Post.”
  3. Title your new post “Model Text Reflection and Analysis”.
  4. In the box below the title, copy and paste the headers and sentence starters and fill them in.

    This text addresses the topic of

    This comedian/author uses humor to address this topic by

    I thought the funniest part was

    I chose this piece because

    This is an example of [superiority, relief or incongruity] theory because

    My idea for producing my own comedic piece like this is

    The topic I am interested in addressing with my comedic piece is

  5. Choose an image to accompany your post.  You may use one from the website, or you may choose your own.
  6. Click on “Add Media.”
  7. Click on “Upload files.”
  8. Choose your picture(s).
  9. Click on “Insert into post.”
  10. Click on “Preview” to check out how awesome it all looks.
  11. Make any changes you may want to make.
  12. Click “Publish.”
  13. If you finish early, you can always feel free to help out a neighbor, and/or you can finish the homework from last Thursday and Friday, which involved choosing a List and an Open Letter from McSweeneys and posting the link as a comment.

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