Monday, 9/29/14

First things first: Check out Ms. Silk (7th grade Humanities teacher) with Tig Notaro’s autograph on her arm from last night’s Tig Notaro show at Columbus Theater!


If you look all the way to the left of the picture, that’s Tig Notaro in the white t-shirt!  (Tig Notaro is a well known comedian and cancer survivor.)  If YOU want to go see a comedy show at Columbus Theater too, consider taking on the honors assignment of going to see the Daily Show writers on Saturday, October 11th.

As for today, it’s jigsaw time.


At separate stations, you will read or view one text or collection of texts.  Your group will decide what the main points are and what makes it funny.  You will each be responsible for sharing out about your text when we switch groups, so make sure you all have your own individual notes for this.

The texts selected are chosen from your feedback, both from the website comments you did for homework last week and from the Pinterest board selections you wrote on the back of your “Reviewing Your Classmates’ Work” sheet.

The texts will be printed out, but they are also hyperlinked below:

  1. Why It’s Incredibly Important to Learn to Laugh at Yourself. Huffington Post, 11/14/13.
  2. Punch Lines, Commentaries and Rants. NY Times, 7/29/14.
  3. What’s So Funny? Chronicle of Higher Education, 7/14/14.
  4. The Connection Between Laughter and Mental Health. Truehope Nutritional Support.
  5. 10 Reasons Why Humor Is a Key to Success at Work. Forbes, 5/3/13.
  6. The Science-Backed Reason You Should Watch Standup Comedy Before a Meeting. Business Insider, 5/22/14.

Once you and your group have had sufficient time to read, discuss, and take notes on your text, one person from each group will form a new group.  In your new group, each person will have 2-3 minutes to explain the main points of his or her text to the rest of the group, who will take notes.  Your notes are due at the end of class!


Catch up on things you have missed!  Mainly, most of you still need to comment on Thursday and Friday’s posts.


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