Thursday, 9/25/14

More open letters!


Today you’ll go through that handy dandy packet of Open Letters to People or Entities (you know how to pronounce that) Unlikely to Respond that you got yesterday.  Diamond, I was keeping a packet for you because you weren’t here yesterday but I forgot to leave it in the classroom; I’m sorry!  You’ll have to look on with someone nice!

You may choose to read these letters in pairs or independently– or as a whole group, if Ms. Cardi wants to do that!

Using the double sided, two-page organizer, choose THREE more open letters and answer the questions about them.  Make sure you finish the questions for the first one that we read yesterday too.  You will need to turn this work in at the end of the period.

Tomorrow you’ll have a packet of Lists to go through, and you’ll do the same thing: Choose 4 and fill in the questions for each.

All of the selections you will be given can also be found on the Humor Unit Pinterest board:


Check out other Open Letters on the McSweeney’s site and choose one you like, and then paste the link into a comment on today’s post.


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