Monday, 9/22/14

Post #4!  It’s here!


After reading through your planning sheets, I’m very excited about these posts.  You have a lot of interesting, intelligent things to say about gender and humor.  This will be the first post that may be shown to other students in the class, so you may want to keep that in mind as you work today– in other words, make sure it’s primo quality, cuz.

I also read through the Thoughtful Responses on classroom environment that you turned in, and I’m happy to report that we all generally have the same ideas about what makes an ideal learning environment where all students have the opportunity to learn, grow, question and create.  Now we just need to work together to make sure that this class matches those qualities.

Follow the directions below to create your post.

  1. Go to your WordPress website.
  2. Choose “New Post.”
  3. Title your new post, “Examining Gender and Humor.”
  4. In the box below the title, copy and paste the following headings, and below them, type the sentences that you have written on your planning sheet.  You may need to make additions or changes based on my notes.
    Gender Discussion
    In class on Wednesday, we talked about gender.  Some of the messages we receive are that

    TED Talk Connection
    In the TED Talk “Comedy is Translation,” Chris Bliss says,

    Selected Clip
    I chose [“Women are the greatest threat to women,” by Louis CK OR “When girls grow up,” by Steve Byrne OR Salon’s “Louis CK or Tina Fey”] because

    Main Points
    The main points the comedian/author is making are

    Why I Chose This
    I chose this clip because

    What the Author/Comedian Is Trying to Accomplish

    Theory of Humor

    The Part I Found Funniest

    Honors: Text-to-Text, Text-to-Self, or Text-to-World Connection

  5. If you’d like to review our class notes from the gender discussion last Wednesday to find specific examples, see below. The image has also been added to that post.
  6. Choose an image to accompany your post.  You may use one of the three below if you’d like, or you may choose your own.
    Louis threat steve byrne salon
  7. Click on “Add Media.”
  8. Click on “Upload files.”
  9. Choose your picture(s).
  10. Click on “Insert into post.”
  11. Click on “Preview” to check out how awesome it all looks.
  12. Make any changes you may want to make.
  13. Click “Publish.”
  14. If you finish early, you can always feel free to help out a neighbor, and/or you can take care of your homework, which is posted below.


Since Friday was an early release day, class ended before we really had a chance to go over your homework assignment, so I’m re-assigning it for tonight.  This time, respond by adding a comment to this post.

  • Decide on one topic that is interesting and important to you, and that you would like to do a comedy unit on.  (So far we have examined race and gender through humor.)
  • Find at least one video or article that uses humor to address the topic.  Use your head and don’t choose something that might be considered too objectionable.  Include the link in your comment.

12 thoughts on “Monday, 9/22/14

    • I see where you’re going with this video, Alex. I do think it’s a good example of addressing a social issue using humor, and I appreciate the warning about the bad language, but I wouldn’t be able to show it in class, so try to find another one that I could show!


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