Friday, 9/19/14

Happy Friday!  Today’s a short day so we don’t have a ton of time.

time crunch

BUT we’ll be using what time we do have to plan and prepare for publishing a fourth post on Monday in the computer lab.  To do this planning, we will need to FOCUS on the following steps:

  1. Write a thoughtful, thorough response to the questions I’ve given you about what makes for an ideal learning environment.
  2. Work with one partner to go over your Post 4 Planning Sheet, checking each other’s work to see that all sections include complete sentences with correct spelling and best possible word choices.
  3. Decide, with your partner, on one topic that is interesting and important to you, and that you would like to do a comedy unit on.  (So far we have examined race and gender through humor.)
  4. Homework: Find at least one video or article that uses humor to address the topic that you and your partner have agreed on.  (This is done individually, so each of you will have your own.)

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