Thursday, 9/19/14

Have you missed pen and paper?  Today you’ll get to use them!


Using your organizer as a guide, we will do the following things in class today:

  1. Watch a TED Talk by Chris Bliss called “Comedy is Translation,” using the transcript to highlight important parts
  2. Discuss the main points that you highlighted
  3. Plan your post on the gender clips we watched and read yesterday

TED Talk:

The transcript you have was taken from here, so you can come back to that page if you want to copy and paste quotes for your post.

Use a highlighter and/or pen to mark up the parts that you think are most important, and be prepared to talk about them in our class discussion.


Using your highlighted transcript, share one or more quotes that (1) struck you as important, (2) you agree or disagree with, or (3) you have a question about.

Plan Your Post:

Using the sheet you’ve been provided with, plan what you will write in your post about the gender clips/articles we watched/read yesterday.

A Padlet of our discussion is here.

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