Wednesday, 9/18/14

Friends!  I’m sorry I wasn’t here for class yesterday.  If I were here, I would have made sure it was clear that the 1’s for assignments that were just pass/fail did not mean that you had a 1 out of 4.  Your work so far this year has been amazing, and not one of you has earned a 1 on an assignment that was out of 4.  Now, on to today.

Just as we looked at a collection of comedy clips around race, we will now be looking at a collection of comedy clips around gender.


We receive messages about gender in many different ways: the songs we listen to, the families we grow up in, the images we see in TV shows and on commercials, the way people treat us, and so on and so forth.  Today we’ll look at how comedians are sharing messages, and what those messages are.

In the groups listed below, work with your classmates to watch a clip at your station and then discuss it together.  You will each be responsible for choosing one of the videos you see today and writing a response to it on your website.  Your response will include your thoughts and ideas as well as the thoughts and ideas of the other students in your group, so you may want to take notes on what you all talk about to make the post easier.  

Please only watch the video clip for your station until it’s time to switch.  Spend the rest of the time in your group critically analyzing what you watched by using the questions listed for each clip, and generating your own questions and dialogue as well.

Station 1: Louis C.K. on the greatest threat to women

Questions: What is the greatest threat to women?  To men?  What do you think Louis CK is trying to make audience members aware of?  How is he doing that?

Station 2: Steve Byrne on when girls grow up

When do girls grow up?  Boys?  What messages are girls receiving that are different, and how might that change the way they view the world and interact with it?

Station 3: Read this text from Salon and discuss the differences between how men and women are funny and what they find funny.

Notes from our gender discussion:



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