Tuesday, 9/16/14


You’d better not be making that excited face when you find out I’m not here!  I had to run to my son’s school because the nurse called to say he isn’t feeling well.  BUT you know what to do.  If you’re checking this post on your phone, go ahead and be a hero and suggest that it be projected for the whole class to see.  Otherwise, you could just read out loud what you’re doing today:

  1. Bask in the greatness that is your stellar work.
  2. Fill in the gaps that you may have, as revealed by the score sheets passed out to you.
  3. Write me an email- this can be done for homework if there aren’t enough laptops to go around.  See the bottom of this post for instructions on what to include in this email.


I have pasted some of the thought provoking, intelligent sentences from your website posts and cut them up for you to look through.  With a partner, you should each take one strip, read it out loud, and talk about it.  Please note that we are looking at ideas, so while there may be errors in spelling or grammar, we are not focusing on those at the moment.

Filling in gaps:

You should each receive a copy of your assignment scores so far this trimester.  In the future, these will be shared with you via Google Drive, but we have not set that up just yet.

PLEASE NOTE: I have not had a chance to review everyone’s third post, so there may not be a grade on there even if you have completed it.  Also, if you went back and added a post after the date that it was due, that may not be graded yet either.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Aside from Posts 2 and 3, all assignments are out of 1, which means you get a 1 if you did them.

Email (HW):

Send an email to jbelanger@paulcuffee.org that includes:

  • How you’re feeling about your website so far
  • Any assignments you’ve added to your website since I printed out your score sheets and therefore would like me to go back and check in order to give you credit
  • Questions you may have moving forward


Check your website and see if there are any comments I have posted that you need to approve.

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