Friday, 9/12/14

If all went as planned, you read two things last night: Slate’s comprehensive Ferguson Police Timeline and The Onion’s Tips for Being An Unarmed Black Teen.

Today, we’ll discuss these two texts in small groups and then as a whole class.  Then, in your small groups, we’ll examine the three theories of humor in an effort to find out WHAT MAKES SOMETHING FUNNY.

banana peel

The three main theories of humor are:

  • Superiority Theory
  • Relief Theory
  • Incongruity Theory

After learning about each one in your groups, you will discuss the comedy texts you’ve watched or read so far in this class and decide which category each fits into.

The text I’ve given you is pretty challenging, but you can receive much of the same information by reading this post on Dr. Peter McGraw’s website– and we’re reading excerpts from his book The Humor Code soon!


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