Wednesday, 9/10/14


Class, we are a team!  Some of you have completed your second posts.  They look great. Some of you haven’t. That’s ok; you have until tomorrow to post your reflection on one of the videos we watched on Friday in stations.  Those of you who have finished are going to assist students who haven’t, because there is only one of me so I have a hard time making it around to everyone.  By the end of the period, if all students in our class have both posts up on their websites, then all students in our class have a 4 for a little assignment I’m going to call “Teamwork.”

Here are your partners:

Lizmarie and Jaaron and Diamond

Jason and Christian and Yunior

Kendra and Gualter

Erick and Jose

Briana and Bryan

Claudia and Natalia and Johnny

Alex and Jonathan

Ashlei and Gillian and Jailene

Maria and Romy

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