Friday, 9/5/14

Let’s do some critical analysis today.  

In other words: Let’s watch some comedy and talk about it!  

TV watcher

In the groups listed below, work with your classmates to watch a clip at your station and then discuss it together.  You will each be responsible for choosing one of the videos you see today and writing a response to it on your website on Monday.  Your response will include your thoughts and ideas as well as the thoughts and ideas of the other students in your group, so you may want to take notes on what you all talk about to make the post easier.  

With your group, you will move from station to station when it’s time to switch.  Please only watch the video clip for your station until it’s time to switch.  Spend the rest of the time in your group critically analyzing what you watched by using the questions listed for each clip, and generating your own questions and dialogue as well.


  1. Jose, Diamond, Kendra and Romy
  2. Christian, Bryan, Natalia, Yunior, Gilian, Kris and Johnny
  3. Jaaron, Lizmarie, Jason and Maria
  4. Adrian, Erick, Jailene and Briana
  5. Gualter, Jonathan, Claudia, Alex and Ashlei

Station 1: George Lopez on Latino farm workers and racial perception (Watch 3:16 to end; total 3:01):

Questions: How does George Lopez characterize people’s perceptions of Latino people?  What is his point?

Station 2: D.L. Hughley on immigration:

Questions: What points is D.L. Hughley making about immigration?  What is your opinion about what he says?

Station 3: Hari Kondabolu on white minority and 2042:

Questions: What happens when one group of people characterizes everyone else as “the other”?  What might that mean for communities?

Station 4: Wanda Sykes on being gay and being black:

Questions: What is Wanda Sykes comparing about being black and being gay?  Is this a useful point to make?  Why or why not?

Station 5: Azie Dungey as Lizzie Mae based on the actress’ time working as a living history character at the popular historic site, George Washington’s Mount Vernon:

Questions: What is Azie Dungey shedding light on when she shares questions that people have actually asked her?  What did you think of the questions people asked her?


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