Thursday, 9/4/14

Today’s the day!  Make Your Own Website Day!


Follow the step-by-step directions below to create your WordPress site, and then complete the assignment below that as your first post.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create Website”
  3. Fill in your email address, username, password, and blog address.  Use your school email address, and make sure you can sign into your school email account so you can verify your email address.
    Important: Your username must have your first and/or last name in it, and cannot be anything crazy like XxXSn0wQunnn31XxX.  
    Also important: 
    Your blog address should be PCS and then the first initial of your first name and the first three letters of your last name, ie. PCSEMah, OR, if you feel comfortable, it could be PCS and then your first initial of your first name and you whole last name, ie. PCSEmahoro.
    And remember: Write your password down somewhere!  I don’t know it!  A suggested password is “Cuffee325” because it has a capital letter and some numbers in it.  
  4. Click the blue button at the bottom of the page that says “Create blog.”
  5. Fill in your blog title and title, then make sure the language is set at “English” and click “Next Step.”  
    Blog Title: Your first name and then “11th Grade English Class Website,” ie. “Erick’s 11th Grade English Website”
    Tagline: You can skip this if you want, or you can write, “All the work I do in Mrs. Belanger’s class” or “Things I learned, wrote, and made in my 11th grade English class at Paul Cuffee Charter School.”
  6. Choose a theme.  You must choose one that has a streaming layout, so first choose “Free” at the top right to filter out all of the ones you have to pay for, and then pick from one of the following options.  If you see another one that you love and you won’t be able to live without it, call me over and ask if that one could be an option.  You can click on “Details” to see a demo of the theme so you can see what it would look like.  Click “Next Step” when you’ve selected one.
    Twenty Twelve
    Hemingway Rewritten
  7. Do not connect your blog to Twitter or Facebook; click “Next Step.”
  8. Skip the step for creating your first blog post; you can go back to that for the assignment detailed below.
  9. Go over to your icon on the top right of the page and choose “Dashboard” for your website.  Look around, and see if you can add a picture to your header by going to the “Appearance” tab. 


Great!  Now you have a beautiful website and you’re ready to write your first post.  To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to this Pinterest board to see a collection of quotes.
  2. Scroll through the quotes.  There are over 700, so it may take a while.  You don’t need to look at every single one of them.  Some are just images, some are just text, some are images plus text, and some are in Spanish.
  3. Choose one that you like the best and click on it.  Example:
  4. When it opens up, right click on the image and choose “Save picture as…”  Use a recognizable word to save it, like one of the key words.  For the example above, I saved the image as “Sunshine.”
  5. Go to your WordPress website.
  6. Choose “New Post.”  
  7. Title your new post, “Quote Assignment.”
  8. In the box below the title, write a few sentences about why you chose your quote.
  9. Click on “Add Media.”
  10. Click on “Upload files.”
  11. Choose your picture.
  12. Click on “Insert into post.”
  13. Click on “Preview” to check out how awesome it all looks.
  14. Make any changes you may want to make.
  15. Click “Publish.”
  16. Sit back, put your hands behind your head, and smile, because you have just created your own website and published your first post.  You are the master.  And it’s going to be a great year.

Success kid

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