Welcome, 11th Grade English Class!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the summer!  More specifically, I hope you’ve enjoyed doing your English homework this summer.  Some of you (all of you?) may have been attached to your phones and/or obama laughingcomputers all summer, constantly swiping or scrolling through to see posts, updates, pictures, etc.  


Now that you’re back in school, your attention spans may begin to wander as you are asked to spend more face-to-face time, off your phones and other devices, listening and interacting in real time with other humans who are present in the room with you.  While this human, real time interaction is really the best way to learn and work, we will have an element of technology carrying into the school year, in the form of… your very own website!  

Get ready to make your own WordPress site, which will be host to all of your work in this class this year.  By June, you’ll have a very impressive portfolio of work to show off.  For your first WordPress assignment, add a comment to this post about one of the books, articles, TV shows or videos you read or watched this summer from the summer homework assignment sheet!


9 thoughts on “Welcome, 11th Grade English Class!

  1. Princess Briana says:

    I read an article about how the pants people wear can show their personalities. It was really funny and most of the things were true.


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